Fundraising and Outreach

By Gods grace Ida Spence is able to minster to the City Heights community! God has blessed us with generous support from our congregations in Northern Kentucky, individual sponsorships and corporate giving! As a result we are able to keep the doors open and programs growing! Here are some ways that you can help finance God’s plans for this community.


Our “Give Me Five” Campaign is a yearly commitment by our churches and groups.  It is designed to help the mission meet the most basic needs and keep our doors open and the lights on.  We are starting our 2nd full year of this program and we have been encouraged by its success and the impact it has had.

       Here is how it works:

  1. Challenge your congregation or group give up one small luxury JUST ONE TIME.  This can be a fancy coffee or a fast food meal, something that is around $5.  Do this just one time for the entire year!
  2. Take a collection of the money saved from this minor fast and send it to the mission.


Some feel that because a group or church is small this form of giving will not make an impact.  DO NOT FEEL THAT WAY! The smallest donation can make the biggest impact.  Why? Because it is not about the amount, it is about what God does with it! Think of the loaves and fishes.  Jesus took a boys lunch and fed 5,000 people with it and still had left overs! We make it our policy to NEVER underestimate what God can do!


The Give Me Five keeps our doors open.  Individual Giving helps grow our ministry.  If you prayerfully have considered an individual tithe or sponsorship to Ida Spence Mission please know that those funds help us continue with and grow our programming.  We are able to purchase new materials, freshen learning spaces, provide scholarships for camps and so much more!

If you are considering giving you can mail it directly to us:

P.O. Box 121319  Covington, KY 41012

Checks can be made payable to Ida Spence Mission


During the year we have restaurant fundraisers, creative fundraisers as well as our biggest fundraiser of the year, our annual dinner and auction! We will post those separately on our website and on our Facebook page.