About Us

Ida Spence Mission of NKY is an urban mission located in the City Heights community of Covington Kentucky.

Mission Statement:

Enriching the lives of underserved children in the City Heights community by providing, nutrition, education and mentoring in a Christian environment.

What do we provide?

Nutrition: With the help of UMC Foods we provide 4-6 meals a week for the children in the City Heights Community.  These meals are free to them.

In addition to the regular weekly meals we also provide a Last Saturday of the Month meal.  This is done with the help of the churches in the Northern Kentucky area.

Education: We have Christian education through our children’s church program, youth program and various bible studies. Most of this is done by volunteers from Northern Kentucky congregations.

We also provide various programs during the year that educate on health and safety.  These range from clinics to classes on a wide variety of subjects.

Mentoring:  This is a big part of our other two areas of service to the community.  We do all we can to have a regular presence and our volunteers help with this.  We also mentor by trying to provide employment opportunities to those that live within the community.